Viola is the Finnish national discography and the national bibliography of sheet music. The database contains references on Finnish sound recordings since 1901 and Finnish sheet music since 1977. Viola database contains information both on musical publications as well as single works and pieces. In…

Finnish newspapers 1771-1929

Digitised collection of newspapers published in Finland from the 18th century up until 1929. Note that materials of 1918-1929 is opened by agreement with Kopiosto and National Library for year 2018.

Fennica – The Finnish national bibliography – Linked Data

Fennica - the Finnish National Bibliography is a database dedicated to the Finnish national imprint.

Open API with 13 million records of metadata from over 200 Finnish archives, libraries and museums. The API provides a way to perform searches to the material provided by the organizations (Finnish libraries, archives and museums) participating in For example the metadata of Fennica – the…