Below is the tentative schedule for the Hack4FI hackathon 2017. The hackathon is a creative and collaborative effort, so the schedule of the event will be updated daily to meet the needs of the participants. Public presentations will be held on Sunday on the 7th of May at 15:00.

Friday 5th May

14:45 Registration

15:15 Welcome by organizers:

  • Kati Vänttinen / YLE
  • Sanna Marttila AvoinGLAM / Open Knowledge Finland

15:45 Introduction to tracks and their facilitators

16:45 Presenting open cultural resources

17:00 Dinner (free for registered participants)

18:00 Group work and brainstorming

Saturday 6th May

10:00 Doors open

  • Group forming (facilitated)

11:00 Brunch (free for registered participants)

12:00 Team work

14:00 Ignite talk by media artist Kati Hyyppä

16:00 Sharing & learning sessions (parallel)

Tours at YLE (pre-registration required on the spot)

17:00 Dinner (free for registered participants)

19:00 Feedback sessions to ideas/concepts

Sunday 7th May

10:00 Doors open

  • Producing demos and presentations
  • Documentation

11:00 Brunch (free for registered participants)

15:00 Presentations
(open for everyone, but requires pre-registration)

17:00 What’s next? How to continue with the idea/concept?

18:00 Venue closes