Hack4FI – Hack your heritage


Hack4FI – Hack your heritage puts open Finnish cultural heritage materials to use!

Hack4FI – Hack your heritage!  brings together artists, programmers, designers, humanists, educators and others interested in digital cultural heritage and multi-professional collaboration. Join us to play with and create something new out of cultural heritage materials!

The 4th Finnish Hack4FI – Hack your heritage hackathon will be organised 5-7th October 2018 at the Helsinki City Museum.













Hack4FI 2018 visual identity uses images from the Helsinkikuvia.fi archive by Helsinki City Museum. Photos by: Harri Ahola, Volker von Bonin, Kari Hakli HKM, Jukka Naapuri, Eeva Rista SER, Simo Rista SER. Used under CC BY 4.0. Colours changed from originals.