Let’s Bring Old Pori (or Vyborg) Back to Life!


#OldPori #OldVyborg

Contact: Tomi Ahoranta (tomi.ahoranta@arkisto.fi)

Description: What did homes in old Pori and Vyborg look like? What has changed and what is still there today? How did people live in different neighbourhoods and social classes?
Materials: We have lots of material (maps and technical drawings) regarding both cities (see Buildings in Pori/Vyborg and Old Maps of Pori/Vyborg in datasets). You can also find a lot of additional material on both cities in Finna (such as old photographs from Pori by Satakunta Museum).
Track: Home

Ideas, suggestions for hacking: Combine maps with photos and technical drawings and recreate a neighbourhood or building in Pori or Vyborg. Collaboration with other challenges is also an option.