Place, time and change – Rephotography

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The Eye of the City


Ateneum in the 1920s and in 2019. Photo credits: J.A. Lindh & Seppo Palander CC-BY

Contact: Sandra Lindblom sandra.lindblom [a], Kimmo Virtanen kimmo.virtanen[a] 

Description: Rephotography is about photographing a site, often from the same angle, that can be seen in an older photograph. The act of repeating a photograph creates a pair of images, which visualize the passing time. The Helsinki Rephotography project encourages people to experience the city and its history through old photographs.

The project has been going on since 2018 resulting in hundreds of rephotographs. What ways are there to use these “then and now” images? What inspiring, fascinating and captivating ways are there to depict the passing of time by the means of rephotography?

We are looking for examples of how to use rephotographs in an exciting way. To get you acquainted with the act of rephotography we invite you to experience and rephotograph old photographs of the Helsinki Ateneum building at the actual spots where they were taken. The photographs bear witness of art education, exhibitions and architectural changes.

Materials: Rephotographs from Helsinki, Rephotographs from the Wiki Loves Monuments competition 2019 (rephotographs from Finland), Photographs of Ateneum to rephotograph

Ideas, suggestions for hacking: The Ajapaik app for Android phones helps you to find the spot where the old photo once was taken. Download the app here and watch this video to learn how it works! Note that there are some restrictions on photographing inside the Ateneum due to copyrights of artworks.