Daily challenge with Finna

Daily challenge with Finna


Ateneum in the 1920s and in 2019. Photo credits: J.A. Lindh & Seppo Palander CC-BY

Description: Challenges in social media have been popular for a while. From crafting to arts and even to sports there is vast amount of different 30-day challenges, and some have already become a tradition. These social challenges make it easy to practice and learn something new every day.

How could Finna’s materials be used to challenge different groups of people to learn something new every day? How could for example photographs prompt to write, or old art sketches encourage to complete the drawing? Or maybe the challenge could be related to history: make people use their detective skills to learn the history behind old objects. The challenges could be also related to natural science, music or old advertisements. 

Materials: Finna.fi / Finna API