Description:The City of Helsinki map service is a map portal that can be used to access the map and geographic information datasets of several departments. The portal can be used to locate buildings and other real estate, city plan maps and register information about locations. The portal gives access to many basic maps, for example, the guide map, the various versions of the real estate map, orthophotographs, and a large collection of historical maps and aerial photos.

The coordinate tool allows the user to view the coordinates of a selected point on the map in two different coordinate systems (EPSG:3879 or WGS84).

Search results can be transformed to a spreadsheet which can be then exported to various file formats. Supported formats include GML, Excel, KML, MapInfo, AutoCAD DWG, Geopackage etc.

License(s): Various


Hosts various geospatial datasets: implements WMS and WFS.