Organization: The Finnish Heritage Agency


Wikimedia Commons: Finnish Heritage Agency

Contact: Hannu Häkkinen, Suvi Sillanpää

Description: The Picture Collections of the Finnish Heritage Agency records and tells stories of the history and cultures of the area of Finland, the built environment, and the Finno-Ugric cultures, as well as the cultures of areas outside Finland through documentation by Finnish researchers and explorers. The material in the collections covers historical events as well as depictions of the everyday lives of the people. The collections also include the extensive collections of the Press Photo Archive (JOKA), which include news and entertainment images from newspapers over the past decades. The pictures (created with different techniques (photographs, drawings, watercolours, graphics, and prints) date from the 1500s to the present.

License(s): CC BY 4.0 with some exceptions

The Finnish Civil War 1918

Images from The Finnish Civil War 1918. The dataset (digitised sample from the collection) consist of over 2,300 images from the time of Finnish Civil war 1918 from various locations in Finland and representing the different perspectives to the events.

Public Gatherings - Demonstrations and Celebrations

The Picture Collections include photographs from demonstrations from 1905 to date, rock festivals, folk festivals, annual festivals, markets and local events that bring people together, but often also make visible the differences between them.

The Picture collections in Finna