Description: Historic photographs, drawings and teaching resources documenting art, architecture, design and technology education and student life from late 19th century onwards. Historic teaching resources include an image set from The Paris World Exhibition 1889 and drawings by notable teachers including architect Gustaf Nyström and sculptor Johann Friedl.

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Measurement Drawings

Keuruun kirkko, mittauspiirustus

Architecture photography

Architecture history collection: Stockmann department store in Helsinki

Paris World Exhibition 1889

Exterior of Egypt pavilion. Paris World Exhibition 1889


Ivar Aminoff: Kirjola estate. Kirjola gård

Gustav Nyström

Gustav Nyström: Sketch book

Johann Friedl

Johann Friedl's sketchbook: spoon sketches

University of Technology

University of technology, Hietalahdentori

Helsinki School of Economics

Helsinki School of Economics main building

University of Art and Design

J.A. Lindh: Style studies class