Get ready for Hack4FI in Ateneum 13–15 March 2020!

Hackers, developers, designers, and GLAM* professionals. Come and get creative with the treasures of cultural heritage at our fingertips. From datasets to APIs and open content platforms, open cultural heritage is there to be reinvented. Let’s learn and play together!

Thrilled to start working with the memory of the world? Join the students and professionals who care about cultural heritage and want to bring it to  this millennium. Find out more about the themes of this year’s hackathon.

Has your organisation digitised and opened access to cultural heritage? Come and bring it to the be rediscovered! Learn how GLAMs can contribute!

Just starting or a seasoned professional? Now is the right time to learn more! We arrange learning sessions and invite you to present your own expertise to others in the creative cultural heritage community. Also, stay tuned for information about our university tour in Aalto, Helsinki University, The Arts Academy, and Haaga-Helia on week 9.


* galleries, libraries, archives, and museums